The Holy Grail of Skincare: My Go-To Product Line

I saw this meme a few months ago that got me thinking:

Yes, you remember those shoes too don’t you? Time for that serum girlfriend. But in all honesty, it did get me thinking about my skincare regimen in general. I still hadn’t found any products to keep my sensitive skin happy.  Being on the fringe of what some might consider a micro-influencer, I’ve been sent a variety of skin care products to trial. I’ve accepted them always with the caveat: unless I actually like them and see results, I am not going to share or promote the products with my followers.

In general, I haven’t been over the moon about any one set of skincare lines and one set of products actually made my super-sensitive skin break out in a hideous itchy forehead rash. I couldn’t leave the house for a week! After that experience, I’ve been more than a little wary about trying new products – lest I turn into a red-bumped face monster again. But I digress…

A few months ago Mom and I were doing our usual Saturday thrifting when we stopped at a little consignment store in Excelsior, MN. Lo and behold, we were introduced to Bullenbees Skin Care. My mom ended up purchasing a few items, chatted with the charming marketing rep, I found my rehearsal dinner dress for my wedding (EEEEEE!) and we went on our way. Fast forward a few weeks later and Mom calls gushing over her purchase of Bullenbees. She liked the results so much she ended up ordering even more of their product line.

I do a little research and find out the following:

Check, Check and Check! All the items I look for when checking out potential skin regimen adds. It was created by a local quality engineer named Marie – who works at a very large medical-device company here in the Twin Cities. So based on my research, my Mom’s own reviews and well… SCIENCE  I reached out to the lovely marketing rep to learn more about this product.

That was back in January. I have now been using the Day Cream, the Night Cream, and the Espresso Scrub for roughly three months now. And I’ll tell you, gentle readers, I have seen a momentous shift in my skin. And I’ve tried everything from oils to masks, from Clinique Moisture Surge Intense to Belif Aqua Bomb and nothing has compared to my results with Marie’s magical skincare products. It is the first product line to actually soften my skin, shrink my pores, and control my combination oily T-zone.

With ingredients I can actually pronounce (Vitamins B3, B5, Willow Bark Extract, Espresso Beans, Green and White Tea) I know my skin is not being subjected to harsh chemicals or moisture-stripping alcohols. And you know me, I am all for supporting local and women-owned businesses so that is definitely a bonus!

Like I alluded to in my intro, I do not share or openly support products I don’t 100% stand behind and believe in. So what does that mean for you? Only good things! I’ve teamed up with Bullenbees so that one of you can share in my skincare joy! I am giving away the three products I’ve been using over the past three months:

  • Day Cream
  • Night Cream
  • Espresso Scrub

And in addition, they’ve kindly agreed to 20% off any order from their online retail store using my code: DT Blondie.

The giveaway ends 3/31 so that gives you roughly a week to enter and if you aren’t the lucky winner, I really do think you should give Bullenbees a try and utilize my code while it lasts! I wish I would’ve done a “before and after” photo series but I truly was not expecting to like these products so much. If you have any questions about my review or just want to learn more… you know where to find me!

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