Staycation: A Very Blu Weekend

The Tall One and I were invited to spend a few precious hours enjoying our fair city at the Radisson Blu. The hotel, which is conveniently connected to the Mall of America, is the perfect place for a mini Minneapolis staycation.

Staycation: a vacation spent at home or nearby.

I was attending the Curated Style fashion show Friday evening and the Blu Boutique Pop-Up shop the next morning and couldn’t have been more thrilled to not have to drive back and forth.

Parking was a breeze and with our room keys in hand, headed off to the lovely Executive level where our room was located. Instead of a chocolate on my pillow, I was tickled to find a mini essential oils sheet spray in my favorite scent – eucalyptus. You best believe I brought that home with me!

Since we both had a bit of work to complete, we spent a few hours in the Executive Lounge finishing up. The afternoon’s work was accompanied by complimentary sips and snacks provided by the lounge staff which made me wish every Friday could end this way. Free wine that is. Every Friday ends with wine. But FREE wine? This is me holding my wine. Notice two things: you can’t see the wine and my quarterback shoulders. Who knew I was an upside-down pear? Also, why are women’s bodies described as fruits?

It was soon time to get ready for the eve in my favorite 60’s dress from The Golden Pearl Vintage. Houndstooth is arguably my favorite pattern.

The show was to begin and there was a lovely pre-party hosted by the Fire Lake Grill in the hotel. More free bubbly, can’t go wrong. Also, I’ve found my new favorite appetizer: phyllo dough wrapped asparagus with asiago cheese.

Here’s me at the Curated Style show – pretending to be cool but actually not being cool at all and being really excited inside.

Post show, with a sushi bowl and giant dirty martini (gin not vodka thank you very much) to lull me to sleep, it was bedtime in our King bed back at the hotel. I love hotels that are carpeted quiet. You know what I am talking about right? Little to no noise and every noise is hushed. Or least… it was until the Tall One saw all the BALL/SPORTS/GAMES channels on the TV so I fell asleep to the sounds of people talking about why Cam Newton sucks. Or doesn’t suck. Or maybe is a nice guy who just spoke out of turn.

Every room comes complete with a mini Nespresso so I promptly made myself a little cup o joe when I awoke.

But alas, one can only subsist on coffee for so long before the rumbles of hunger strike. Tall One and I set off to find sustenance at the hotel brunch bar. I helped myself to a lovely fruit and oatmeal bowl (and more coffee). The lighting was nice and dim which is helpful after a few too many glasses of bubbly the night before.

We took one last #Bluselfie together before I went to the Blu Boutique with my mom and he headed off towards the horizon.

I hadn’t been to the Mall in eons and it was really fun to see the updates and changes that have been made to modernize it. And a huge thank you to the Blu Radisson for your hospitality and beautiful hotel. We had a great time and certainly will be repeating our experience.

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