Seattle: Trip in Review

To gently ease my way into the next decade of life, the Tall One and I decided to take some PTO and head out west to the Emerald City. We debated about getting a car and renting an Airbnb farther out up the coast or staying downtown and hoofing it. In the end, the city won out (as it tends to do) and we spent a few lovely nights at the Sheraton right downtown Seattle. Our 19th-floor room gave a beautiful view of the city and the occasional dulcet sounds of homeless people and cats in heat.

The weather was a perfect 60 degrees the entire five days which made it perfect trekking weather. As a city dweller, I am used to walking but those Seattle hills are no joke. My leg muscles certainly got a workout in as we made our way about the city. I won’t regale you with day by day tales but will give a rundown of our favorite places:

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

What they say is true: there really is a Starbucks on every corner. We made it up to the Starbucks Roastery in Capitol Hill where I purchased the most basic of all sweatshirts (see above). It’s set up like the best coffee bar you’ve ever experienced, complete with cold press flights and savories to snack on while you get your caffeine fix. My favorite stop was Seattle Coffee Works which is just a hop, skip and a jump outside of Pike Place Market. I may or may not have eaten one of their Cherry Almond scones with a vanilla latte every day I was there.

Bainbridge Island

Take the 30-minute ferry across to this quaint little island. We had some of the best pizza we’ve ever eaten at a little bistro called Bruciato. Trust me, you’ve never had fire roasted ‘za like this. Bonus fun: they give you a hearty pair of scissors so you can cut it yourself.

We also found my new favorite seasonal beer: Elysian Nightowl Pumpkin Ale. Coming in at a hefty 6.9%, I was definitely feeling pretty good on the ferry ride home.

The Pink Door

The entrance is posted up in Post Alley with yes, a pink door welcoming you in. Pasta was disappointing but Tall One had a halibut that knocked our socks off. The view was spectacular and while we were a little too early, apparently the burlesque shows are tit-tactular.


The best oysters I’ve ever had was right next to the Starbucks Roastery. Head down the block and you’ll run into Taylor’s Shellfish. They were everything you’d want: briny, meaty, and served with the perfect addition of shaved horseradish.

There definitely other places I enjoyed but these were most certainly the highlights. I shall leave you with my Seattle fashion choices as I head off to a week of pure detoxing.


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