Pugs in Tow: A Staycation

This past weekend we were invited to stay at the Radisson Blu MOA to attend the Forever Bride Market. I absolutely love this hotel (and it’s dog-friendly) so the pugs came along for the journey! It was their first hotel stay and they were very curious about their new home for their 18 hour stay. They were made to feel right at home with two personalized doggie gift bags complete with bowls, toys, and a map to the small dog park adjacent to the hotel.

Notice Bill – the snobby one looking away 

Once to our hotel, we were greeted with my favorite dessert and the promise of chilled champagne in the fridge.

If you haven’t been to the Mall of America recently – the recent remodel has everything looking sparkling and updated. Tall One and I had a great night rediscovering some of our old favorite stores and finding new ones. If you were following along with my InstaStory, you would have seen everything from Marshall’s to margaritas, football helmets to footsie pajamas.

The morning was met with pug snuggles, silky PJs, and a delicious brunch complete with berry smoothies and fruit platters. And the Forever Bride Market did not disappoint! From mini-sundaes, giveaways, mini champagne bottles, and giveaway totes, it was a wonderfully well-put together event. I was completely blown away by the number of future brides in attendance. Looks to be a busy 2018 for weddings!

A big thank you again to the team at the Radisson Blu for always making us (and now the pugs) feel so welcome. We already cannot wait to come back.


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