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    Seattle: Trip in Review

    To gently ease my way into the next decade of life, the Tall One and I decided to take some PTO and head out west to the Emerald City. We debated…

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    An Ode to Accessories

    I am not one for accessories. That age old saying that before a woman leaves her house, she should take off one accessory? I have no need for it – I…

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    There & Back Again…& There Again

    I didn’t gain the Freshman 15. My metabolism waited until I was about 25 to decide it wanted to start faltering on me. I didn’t play sports growing up but my…

  • Vintage Finds

    A Golden Affair to Remember

    My first actual vintage dress was purchased with the help of Audra. It was a dreamy shimmery 70’s era dress with draping fabric that lent an air of luxuriousness. I’ll always…

  • Vintage Finds


    I’ve always likened Spring to the awkward stage of the seasons, moody, and for all the wrong reasons. I must be prepared for both arctic blizzard and scorching sun at all…

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    Those I’ve Loved Along the Way

    I was introduced to a song by Eric Church many years ago –  it’s called Those I’ve Loved and it’s the inspiration for today’s post: I feel like I’ve been several…

  • Thrift Finds

    Cotton Candy Cotillion

    Good Sunday Eve to you and yours, This weekend I was privy to a lovely winter wedding in Minnesota. But fear not gentle readers, it was a balmy 63 degrees on…