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Our Engagement Photos: Braving a Minnesota Winter

Hello dear readers. To be honest, it’s been a rough couple of months around here for a variety of reasons, none which I will get into right now. A bright spot was needed and was found in the of receiving the finished gallery of our engagement photos. If you live anywhere in the Midwest, you’ll know how glad I am that we decided on taking these before Christmas (hello sub-zero temperatures). Today was 28 and a total heatwave. Which is sad for SO.MANY.REASONS. But I digress…

Megan from Rebel Rabbit Photography is the darling doll who took our photos and we could not be any more pleased with the outcome of them. Makes me so excited to have even more beautiful photos of all our closest friends and family on our wedding day. So before we get into the photos. Let’s talk outfits!

We were lucky with the snow and I just love how red POPS against the white snow so I was on the hunt for a vintage red dress. Via’s Vintage obliged with this the stunning 50’s number. It’s so perfect and swirly as you can see below:

And of course, no winter outfit is complete without a nice warm vintage fur, provided by personal closet of the ever-stylish Audra of The Golden Pearl Vintage:

Winter always brings unto me feelings of cozy so a furry sweater and black pants (Proper) and my favorite over-sized earmuffs scored at Buffalo Exchange completed the “gal about town” look I was going after.

For our last look, (and to be honest I was pretty damn cold at this point) it was time for a full-on coat. Again, Via’s Vintage brought the heat in this gorgeous black & white vintage coat:

I get asked a lot what my favorite part of fashion blogging is and I have to say time and time again… it is the connection to the local businesses and entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities community. Shopping at their boutiques and feeling the passion these women have for their clothing and customers is just not something you can find at a large department store. So thank you to all those ladies who continue to outfit me through the seasons and every life change. To some, they may just be “clothes” but to me, they are a part of the story and fabric of my life.


Vintage Finds

A Golden Affair to Remember

My first actual vintage dress was purchased with the help of Audra. It was a dreamy shimmery 70’s era dress with draping fabric that lent an air of luxuriousness. I’ll always remember that dress.  And when Audra’s face popped up in a local magazine a few years later…I remembered her.

Audra’s boutique, The Golden Pearl Vintage,  is nestled in on a busy little corner of Northeast Minneapolis – where 3 roads converge into one. It’s also the very location my family and I were in a terrifying flash flood when I was a little girl. I can still hear the dying drawl of my brother’s Toy Story doll. Ah, sweet memories.

To my great happiness, the Pearl just celebrated their one year anniversary. To commemorate, they threw one of their fabulous “Pearl After Dark” soirees. And what, may I ask, is better than vintage, vodka, and a drag queen? The answer: nothing.

Guests were encouraged to wear an item purchased from the shop; my little birdcage headpiece would more than suffice. Armed with my recent Color de jour MAC Feels So Grand, Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour (Jessa from Girls), I was set to kick up my heels.

One of my favorite parts of the event was the addition of local illustrator Claire Ward. For a reasonable sum, she would capture you and your fellow party-goers’ likeness.

This girl is seriously talented. In a quick 5 minutes, I was remade using fancy markers and an eye for fashion illustration.

Here is myself, my mom, and my cousin. I am planning on framing these and hanging them somewhere conspicuous. Because:

  • They are so darn pretty
  • I love them
  • They are distinctive
  • Did I mention they are so pretty?

If you missed the party, you missed a great event. But, there is always next year for you. Word of warning, if you do visit don’t steal any of the 60’s sheath dresses. Size 2-4. Or anything that has a bow attached. I will find you, you bow sheath stealer, and I will wrestle those vintage goods from your sweet little hands.

On that note, have a lovely week gentle readers. Next up, I’ll be talking bell sleeves and my new love for them.

Downtown Blondie

Vintage Finds


I’ve always likened Spring to the awkward stage of the seasons, moody, and for all the wrong reasons. I must be prepared for both arctic blizzard and scorching sun at all times. The trees have yet to bud and thus must woefully present their sad, spindly arms to the world.

Somewhere between that last snow and that first earth-quenching rain, there lives… this. Brown. Unfortunate. The season who’s probably a nice person on the inside. HOWEVER, I leave this paragraph with an alas…

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A Peter Pan Collar Love Affair

collarThe best part of vintage-hunting for me are the pieces I come across by happenstance. As if this dress/belt/shoe was placed there for me; patiently waiting to be plucked from oblivion by me and only me. One of these pieces was found a few months ago at The Golden Pearl Vintage in Northeast Minneapolis, one of my favorite haunts.

As I my dress du jour was being hemmed by their lovely in-house tailor, something sparkly caught my eye. If you didn’t know, a well placed sparkle is pretty much my spirit animal. And there it was, the most perfect little Peter Pan collar. My first thought was – would it fit my neck? I come from a hearty German stock and however dainty I wish to be, I tend to err on the stocky side of appendages.

But alas, the collaimg_5957r fit! Clasped into place, I knew I was on my way to a very intimate Peter Pan collar love affair. As I mentally went through my wardrobe piecing together all the tops that would match, I was also mentally throwing out every single boat-necked shirt I own. The collar could and would match everything I own… just kidding. One cannot PP collar everyday, lest I grow bored and lose the novelty of such a piece.

I think it pairs well with yellows given the warm details of the little adorning jewels. So from canary yellow summers to mustard-inspired falls, this little gem of a find is sure to brighten up the long grey Minnesota winters ahead.

Downtown Blondie