An Ode to Accessories

I am not one for accessories. That age old saying that before a woman leaves her house, she should take off one accessory? I have no need for it – I very rarely wear jewelry, watches, or scarves. It’s always made me outfit seem… messier. Not logical, I know. I do admire women like Iris Apfel who can pull off the plethora of outfit additions but I have yet to branch out (quite yet).

That being said, I’ve always thought a classic looking watch would be good starting point. At the very least, it’s utilitarian and has a purpose so my feeling of outfit ADD/too much going on for OOTD doesn’t quite apply here. I wanted to find a watch that felt effortless and would easily fit into my everyday wardrobe. Which is why I was tickled to find that the Jord brand of watches suited my simple tastes so perfectly.

I chose the Zebrawood & Champagne piece, partly because of its classic design but also because I was drawn to the “champagne” in the title. I know – basic beyond belief. The unique watch arrived at my humble abode in a beautiful wooden box – complete with a special oil to keep my watch supple and maintain its luster. They also included a few extra rungs in case it wouldn’t quite fit over these large German knuckles. Which was great because of course, I needed the Tall One to give it a little size adjustment 😉

Side note: the Tall One was quite jealous. He has amassed quite a watch collection over the last few years and the organic look and unusual features called to him. Luckily for him, Jord offers some strikingly handsome men’s watches as well. 

For my first foray into watch accessorizing, I chose this A-line frock  I’d purchased a few months ago at Buffalo Exchange. I was pleased that the champagne color of the watch’s face *almost* matched the blonde of my hair. Or maybe I am seeing things but I certainly liked the way the colors compliment each other.

I have had this little beauty for just over a week now and I have worn it every day. The best part is, I don’t feel self-conscious about “over-accessorizing”. ‘Lil Champagne has melded into my wardrobe quite nicely, and so far has matched with every outfit I’ve paired it with.

Interested in scooping one of these babies up? Until the end of May, you can sign up using my custom code for a chance to win $100 off a Jord watch! The consolation if your name isn’t drawn? You still receive a code for $25 off. So it’s a win-win-win all around. Maybe the Tall One will get in on this action and I’ll have to think of a new birthday gift for him… Stay tuned Gentle Readers.

Downtown Blondie

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    July 10, 2018 at 12:06 pm

    Totally stunning photos!

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